The Best Way to Clean Your Oriental Rug

You have an oriental rug and you want it to be looking beautiful and great for years to come. But unfortunately, dust, soil and sand accumulate in the rug, making it to wear quickly while damaging the fabrics. This will eventually attract mold and moth larvae.
The only way you to avoid this and keep your oriental rug looking beautiful and attractive for many years to come, while also retaining its intricate design is by taking proper care of it and not by yourself, but using the services of professional Oriental rug cleaners.

Using the services of inexperienced rug cleaners will do more harm than good to your rug and so you should be meticulous while choosing an oriental rug cleaning company. But how do you find a professional oriental rug cleaning company that will grant longevity to your rug?
By considering the following, you will be able to choose the right company to clean your rug:

How Long They Have Been in Business

You don’t want your rug to land in the hands of newbies who will use your oriental rug for learning purposes. Cleaning and repairing an oriental rug, Persian rug or any type of antique rug, is not just a skill, it is a combination of science and art which takes time to acquire. So you should ensure the cleaner you want to contract, has been in the business for at least 10 years.

The Experience of their Staff in Oriental Rug Cleaning

It is not just the time they have been in business, but also the experience of their staff who will do the actual work. They must have been practicing for 3-5 years for you to trust them with your oriental rug.

Training and certifications of the staff is also necessary as there are specific washing techniques applicable to different rug materials and designs. Having this certifications show that the company is serious with their business.

Their Rug Cleaning Process

The typical process used by most professional Oriental rug cleaning companies includes: inspection, dusting, cleaning, spotting and drying. Some may offer additional services like fabric protector, moth repellent, rug pad installation, area rug installation and even restoration.
The Oriental rug cleaning company you choose should typically follow this step.


A professional oriental rug cleaning company should have professional equipments that make rug cleaning more efficient and effective. Equipment like specialized dusting equipment, drying facilities and washing machines are essential to any rug cleaning company. So you should choose a company who uses these equipments over those that don’t.


You want to ensure that your oriental rug cleaning company will go out of their way to give you an excellent service that will not only make your rug shine and last longer, but keep your mind at rest about the safety of their rug.
So verify that the company treats their customers right and will guarantee that they will not damage your rug. If the company also offers home pickup and delivery, it should be a plus for them and for you as it will save you the stress of transporting the rug to and fro.

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