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Frequently Asked Questions about Carpet Cleaning in Miami

Since most local residents and business owners have basic carpet-cleaning supplies, like vacuum and spot removers, they may wonder about the need for frequent professional carpet cleaning in Miami. While others may prefer do it yourself carpet cleaning but unfortunately, your carpet might look OK after a good vacuum.  So, why go to the trouble and expense of contacting a company like Main Street Carpet Cleaners for a thorough cleaning with either a dry chemical or damp process?

The Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

Lots of dust, contaminants, and pollutants get tracked into your carpets. This is particularly true in busy homes with kids and pets, but it is also true in businesses that have a lot of foot traffic. Because of the nature of the way that vacuum cleaners work, very often, what seems like a good cleaning will actually just throw up a lot of dirt into the air where it can get breathed in. Of course, over time, the dust and pollutants will just settle back into the carpet. Carpets are a major source of indoor air pollution!

Of course, people need to vacuum most carpets between professional visits. However, this really just sucks up visible dust or dirt. The same is true of spot cleaning with regular products that can be purchased in almost any type of discount or home improvement store.Carpet-Cleaning-in-Miami1-300x180

They remove VISIBLE dirt, but the real problems are the very small particles that are just waiting to get kicked up into the air and cause indoor air pollution. The carpet might look clean, but it isn’t really clean. In time, the carpets may even develop an odor from these contaminants.  Many owners and renters will try to mask this odor with chemicals or detergents.

This actually just makes the problem worse, and it is very likely that people who suffer from allergies, or the very young and very old, will begin to even feel ill from the ravages of a carpet that is now both dirty and full of harsh chemicals!

Local Carpet Cleaning Services

It is not likely that the best vacuums or even home carpet cleaning systems can match the equipment that professionals have. Main Street Carpet Cleaners makes its living from cleaning carpet in Miami and other cities in Miami-Dade and Broward County.  We provide a high standard service that is over and above what a regular janitorial service, maid service, or busy homemaker can provide at home with common tools.

How Often Do Carpets Need Professional Cleanings? Carpet Cleaning in Miami





If there are people in the house with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems, getting regular carpet cleaning from a professional company like Main Street Carpet Cleaners is absolutely essential. The more foot traffic that a carpet has, the more often it should be cleaned.

While some will be happy to simply enjoy a cleaning a couple of times a year, people who have young babies or elderly people in their houses will be wise to attend to this task every few weeks. The right schedule really depends upon how and how much the carpet gets used.

We can help you in a couple of ways. As professional carpet cleaners, we can tell you how much dirt was accumulated in your carpet before we came. Even better, we can help you estimate the right schedule for your next carpet cleaning. Usually, we can be in and out within a few hours, so this is not a major inconvenience, and it is worth it!

Most carpet owners are very pleased to enjoy a fresh carpet that looks like it did when it was new, and they look forward to cleaning visits!

Will Frequent Cleanings Wear Out Carpets? The Best Carpet Cleaning Companies in Miami

Getting professional cleanings for carpet actually will make them last longer. Of course, this is not always true of home carpet washing systems that use harsh chemicals that can actually wear out carpets. Professionals know how to treat carpets gently, and they will use the right techniques and products for any particular type of carpet.

Typically, installing a quality carpet in a home is a huge investment. Everybody wants to make sure they get the best value out of this investment. Wear happens gradually, but a dirty carpet will begin to wear faster than one that is kept maintained. Some of the contaminants that get tracked in from the outside will begin to stain. Others will eat away at the carpet dye.


Carpet cleaning service in Miami is not that expensive. Lots of good companies will offer discounts for their customers who set up a regular schedule. Of course, if customers have a special need – like an important business meeting or big dinner party – they can also be scheduled to come at times that are not on the original schedule.

In fact, they will be more likely to make emergency stops to the homes or offices or their existing customers than they will be likely to drop what they are doing or use overtime for a customer they have never worked with before.


Depending on where you live, the average cost is anywhere from $25 to 75 per room. There’s no one size fits all solution to cost.  Your cost may be determined by the square footage, moving furniture or any other large objects.  Some carpet cleaning company just charge a flat cleaning rate for each room in the home.


Is your carpet looking worn and even smelling a bit bad no matter how hard you try to clean and vacuum it? This is a common problem with carpets, but a professional cleaning company like Main Street Carpet Cleaners can help solve it. In fact, people in the home may notice allergy symptoms even if there is no overt odor or sign of dust. Very often, a good carpet cleaning can help clean up signs of indoor air pollution too.

Consider scheduling a good carpet cleaning as soon as possible and breathe easier because the contaminants will be gone and the carpet will look much better!

Main Street Carpet Cleaners is available to take care of your carpet cleaning needs in Miami, North Miami, Miami Beach, Sunny Isles, Aventura, Miami Lakes, Miami Gardens and other cities in Miami-Dade. We also do carpet cleaning in Broward County.  Our other services include upholstery cleaning in Miami, Broward and surrounding cities, commercial carpet cleaning in Miami, tile and grout.