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When It Comes To Maintaining Tile And Grout Cleaning, Main Street Carpet Cleaners in Miami Knows Their Stuff

It doesn’t matter if you are in Miami or somewhere else, tile and grout cleaning is important to many homeowners. Most homeowners have a vested interest in keeping their homes as clean and presentable as possible. This doesn’t mean they have the time or patience to spend hours on their knees scrubbing like Cinderella, though! When it comes to restoring the appearance of grimy tile and grout, Miami homeowners know that calling in the experts is often the most effective way to solve their problem for tile and grout cleaning.

Why Your Grout Acts Like A Magnet For Dirt-Tile and Grout Cleaning

The grout that’s laid down between tiles during construction or renovations is a durable material, but it has a naturally porous surface. That means it tends to trap any liquids or small particles that fall on it. Since most grout is relatively pale, it doesn’t take a lot of dirt and liquid to alter its color in a way that’s both easy to see and hard to ignore. In terms of risks to their tile and grout, Miami residents are at a disadvantage thanks to the hot, moist climate; these are ideal conditions for long-term grout stains.

Naturally, this isn’t a feature that builders and contractors actually want to pass on to homeowners. The problem is that few of them take the right steps to properly seal your grout. Some corner-cutting builders omit sealing entirely because they know they’ll be long gone before the first stains show up. Others use cheap water-based sealants that wear off all too quickly. Some contractors will apply wax to tile floors, which isn’t actually appropriate for homes. When it comes to tile and grout cleaning, Miami homeowners don’t typically have the janitorial staff that’s required to maintain a waxed floor properly, and it’s certainly not a job you want to tackle yourself!


Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Is Always The Appropriate Next Step

Before you can solve the root cause of your grout problem, (i.e. ineffective or missing sealant) you have to remove as much of the current discoloration as possible. As mentioned above, even trying to tackle this job on your own can be an enormous undertaking, and it’s not at all guaranteed that you’ll make a real difference in your grout’s appearance. Why not forgo all that effort and just skip to the smart step? Contact a professional tile and grout cleaning service to help you!

Starting Off With Honesty: The Initial Inspection

A tile and grout cleaning professional won’t be quick to promise any particular results or quote you a rock-solid price. Most good cleaners prefer to inspect the condition of your tile and grout before they talk about what you can realistically expect from a professional cleaning. Thorough cleaners will insist on performing a thorough inspection with you right beside them to point out areas you’re particularly concerned about. The cleaner can also tell you how much of an improvement you can realistically expect.

The Cleaning Process, Part 1-Tile & Grout Cleaning Methods

Prior to doing any serious tile cleaning, your tile and grout cleaning service will start by preparing the tile areas properly. For floor tile, this means clearing away any furniture or other possessions in order to get full access to all of your grout. (Be aware that some cleaning services may charge you more for jobs that require a lot of moving. In some cases you may be able to get a small discount by doing any necessary moving yourself before your cleaners arrive. Make sure you ask about this possibility!) All tile surfaces – both floors and walls – will be vacuumed thoroughly with commercial equipment to remove as much loose soil as possible.

The Cleaning Process, Part 2-Tile and Grout Cleaning

Once the dry dust has come off your tile, it’s time to get down to the serious cleaning. The exact products used to clean up tile and grout will vary from company to company, but the general methods of actions and the steps they’re used in tend to be the same. The first chemical that will go down will be an alkaline pre-treatment designed to minimize spotting and break up organic debris. The second product will be an acidic agent that burns out debris and brings your tile and grout as close as possible to the appearance they had when they were new. After each chemical application, a commercial agitator is used to break up stubborn soil and ensure deep penetration. Rinses after each application remove the chemicals involved. Professional extraction equipment is used to rinse at high pressure with minimal mess.

Preserving Your Tile And Grout Against Future Discoloration

Once you’ve had your grout cleaned properly, you need to have it sealed with durable, long-last sealant applied professionally. Some full-service cleaning companies can do this for you; others will at least recommend the proper products to you. You can then either hire a contractor to do the necessary work or try your hand at doing it yourself.

What A Good Cleaning Professional Should Tell You After Fixing Your Problem

After your cleaning job is complete, a good cleaning professional will perform another walk through with you. Together, you’ll review the overall improvements made by the cleaning and check up on your problem areas. If the results don’t meet with your approval, good cleaners will go back to perform even more intensive cleaning on the most stubborn spots. (Remember, as mentioned above, that the initial expectation should have let you know about any factors limiting the amount of improvement professional cleaners can provide.)

As you can see, although they are common problem faced by a lot of homeowners in the Miami area, dirty tiles and stained grout aren’t something you have to live with. The solution isn’t necessarily to spend a whole weekend attacking your tiles with a toothbrush, either! Trust a professional cleaning service to restore your grout and tiles and show you how to keep them looking their best. Try Main Street Carpet Cleaners, the best tile and grout cleaner in the Miami area.

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